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Meeting on January 27, 2010
Denise Anderson, Terri Lindmark, Ashley Hoffman and Jenn Woods were in attendance.

Great discussion on strategies to infuse humor into the school culture and individual classrooms.

Ashley from Pec. Elementary delighted is with stories of getting rid of her furniture and using yoga balls =-she loves the way it helps kids learn. The teachers are posting funny quotes in the staff bathroom. There is a joke every day over the loud speaker. Joke Books have been purchased and are in the library.

Denise from Harrison school said that they have Funny Friday. with jokes/ They encourage kids to tell about the funniest book they have ever read.

Terry from Washington in Rockford told about creating funny inventions based on fun books that kids have read

Jenn Wood mentioned "Whole New Mind" by Daniel Pink. and teh Rainbow Project at Yale.

Here are some of the strategies that were written.