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Funny Lit Project Invitation

To provide incentives for kids to love reading by having them complete activities based on reading humorous books; to encourage kids to embrace their own sense of humor and laughter; to promote positive expressions of humor.

To promote laughter and humor as a feel-good factor when reading, by encouraging reading together and to discover the pleasure of funny books in families, schools and libraries. This in turn will reinforce the message that reading together promotes family well-being, and that embracing one’s sense of humor promotes personal well-being.

To draw attention to funny books as readable and enjoyable books. We hope that the FUNNY LITERACY project will enable these books to gain a profile that makes them more credible and accessible to children and young people. The FUNNY LITERACY Project will work to achieve this through a range of activities supported by libraries, teachers and parents.

There are several pilot projects initiated in Boone/Winnebago counties in Illinois.
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